With Bunches, monetizing your audience is as easy as 3 steps!

Create a bunch and set your price!

Invite your audience and start sharing exclusive content with them in real time.

Collect your payments seamlessly all within Bunches!

A new level of access

Bunches lets your followers have a new level of access to you. Chat with your Bunch, let them reach out to you, and share with them in real time at all times!

Group chat is the new feed.

Today, people love engagement more than anything. With Bunches, you can engage with your audience on your terms!

Types of content we support:

  1. Share messages, insights, and love with your Bunch.
  2. We love memes, and so do your followers - share images, funny clips, and gifs all on Bunches.
  3. Videos and links are all welcome on Bunches- share them and get your Bunch's reactions in real time!

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A Simple Pricing Model

Starting a Bunch is free for Creators. You then choose how much to charge for access to your Bunch! On Bunches, it's all up to you.

For Creators

Bunches is free for all creators. Come start your community with us! 

For Your Audience

Creators can set their own pricing for access to their Bunch, making Bunches a useful tool for creators of all sizes!

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